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Help them to celebrate! We've got the best presents for your lucky recipient on their special day!

If they’re about to hit 18, then celebrate their journey into adulthood with one of our special 18th presents.

21 may no longer mean the key to the door, but it should be the key to great festivity – and why not get the party underway with one of our fantastic 21st ideas!

30 is an often missed milestone , so break the mould and send something lovely for their 30th that will bring a smile to their (slightly more wrinkly!) faces!

Reaching 40 doesn’t mean it’s all downhill any more – it’s all about celebrating this wonderful milestone with one of our great 40th boxes!

Fifty is a half century which should be commemorated with one of our wonderful 50th choices!

60 is the new 40 (whatever that may mean!), so be sure to choose one of our terrific 60th ideas for the lucky boy or girl!

Maybe they’re retired and enjoying a little time to themselves, or still on the go and as busy as ever – either way, sending one of our 70th options will help them celebrate reaching 70 with some panache!

At 80, receiving treats can seem like groundhog day – so send something a little different with one of our choices!

Just choose the category you're looking for...and you won't need to go anywhere else for your 18th, 21st, 30th, 40th, 50th, 60th, 70th, and 80th ideas.

When you need something that is going to help to make their special day extra special, here at Cocoon we pride ourselves on a superb range of wonderful options to get them off to a new decade, or into adulthood - in style. However much you’re looking to spend, and whoever it might be for, our range means you should be able to hit the right note no problem! Make it a great day with Cocoon Collection - and even save yourself the hassle of having to remember to get it to them on the right date, and pop their address in and let us deliver it to them direct! There’s nothing nicer than getting a surprise package full of wonderful goodies delivered to your door after all!

When its a big deal, whether that’s something they have been dreading for many months now, or the polar opposite, and they’ve been planning their huge party since the previous year, you can help to commemorate, celebrate and generally cheer them up with a gorgeous collection from Cocoon. With superb packaging choices, you’ll be the one popping the most impressive, professional looking box of treats on the table at the party, and then when they get inside the packaging they’ll find a wonderous array of goodies that will always be well received.

And of course, let’s not forget that if you get them something amazingly lovely this time round...and your big day comes’ll be the one in line for something amazing in return! Well, no good deed goes unpunished...or something like that anyway! Because, whilst we acknowledge that it is indeed the thought that counts, its also the knowledge that you’ve given an impressive package people will talk about, and one which is well received - and, of course, hopefully reciprocated sometime in the future! Having spent many years honing our range to reflect how much you want to spend and what range of items you like to see on offer, we like to think we’ve got everything you could possibly want to see on offer - but if not, just drop us a line or send us an email and we can make up a collection in exactly the way you’d like us to!

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21st Birthday Gifts

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50th Birthday Gifts

60th Birthday Gifts

70th Birthday Gifts

80th Birthday Gifts
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